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  • Undercar Digest - March 2018
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  • Undercar Digest - February 2018
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  • Undercar Digest - January 2018
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  • Analysis, Diagnosis & Confirmation of Repair Needed
    Sometimes diagnosing a problem on a vehicle is a simple matter of visual inspection, such as when a vehicle comes in on a hook with a wheel hanging because a ball joint has popped apart. In other cases, it’s much more complicated and in the case of some electrical-wiring issues on some vehicles, the problem can never be found. There is, however, some middle ground that will be shown in this issue of Photo Tech.
  • Adjustable Ball Joints
    Technical Editor Ron Henningsen explains how to adjust camber on imports by using adjustable ball joints.
  • Brake Lathe Maintenance a Must
    There are a few basic maintenance functions that should be done weekly or at least monthly on bench brake lathes, but in some shops this chore is neglected completely because the shop would rather replace than machine, even when the rotor is within specs...
  • Are You Charging Enough for Brake Diagnostics You Perform?
    More often than not, it seems that an adequate labor amount as far as tenths of hours or hours is really not charged for brake-system diagnostics and/or brake-system work. There is much more to doing a brake job than slapping on a new rotor and set of pads and putting the wheel back on.
  • More Cars of Cuba
    Once again, I had the opportunity to participate in a tour group to Cuba. This time I stayed strictly in the city of Havana, whereas last year I toured the entire island. Some things are the same as last year and some things are different. Cuba is still full of old cars left over from pre-revolution days, but these cars are not always as they appear on the surface.
  • Hunter Engineering: Seamless Integration
    Hunter Engineering’s Alignment Quick Check® and Quick Tread® are used on all vehicles being serviced at new Plaza Tire locations in Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Arkansas. Technician Russell Soto performs the checks on a 2012 Ford Fusion at the company’s new shop in Springfield, Mo.
  • Omnicraft: A New Brand on the Street
    There’s a new brand on the street, and don’t be surprised if someone knocks on your shop’s door to inform you about it. Ford Customer Service Division recently introduced Omnicraft, what is described as a high-end aftermarket parts line for non-Ford/Lincoln vehicles that is priced competitively and offers advantageous parts and labor warranties.
  • Undercar Digest: Have it Your Way

    How do you like to receive your information about the automotive aftermarket? It’s a question that comes up constantly when Undercar Digest team members visit with members of the aftermarket, whether they be presidents and CEOs, parts distributors, shop operators or technicians.

    Throughout its more than 40-year history, it’s always been Undercar Digest’s philosophy to provide our readers with the technical, management and news information they request and to deliver it to them in a method they prefer. To steal the slogan from Burger King, we want you, our readers, to “Have it your way.”

  • Specialty Products: Alignments’ ‘Whole Ball of Wax’

    Specialty Products Co. “Pro Alignment Team” members take pride in the fact that they operate a multifaceted company that is designed for purpose of helping alignment technicians with nearly every aspect of their jobs.

    The company is unique, they say, because it designs, develops and tests alignment parts and tools in the USA, and then backs them up with a variety of training and support materials for the technician.
  • Pacesetter - Evolving with the Industry
    From its founding in Southern California in 1972 under the leadership of Woody Harrah, Pacesetter Exhaust has evolved, always meeting the needs of customers involved in performance exhaust and emission controls.
  • Autopart International - 60 years of Serving Shops
    Autopart International (AI) is celebrating its 60th anniversary of providing professional service providers. And while the company has evolved dramatically over the past six decades its team members say they have to tip their hats to founder Steve Patkin for getting it all started.
    Mike Creedon, president of AI; along with Rich Jolivet, vice president of global sourcing and product management; and Ana Garcia, vice president of operations, recently discussed the history and growth of this niche company with Undercar Digest.
  • 2017 Buyer’s Guide and Shop Survey

    Welcome to the 2017 Buyer’s Guide and Shop Survey.

    This issue of Undercar Digest is one that shops and suppliers alike keep in reach year-round due to the valuable information dealing with shop trends and buying practices, as well as a comprehensive list of companies that offer product and services.

  • Akebono: Filling The Bill
    Low noise, low dusting and superior stopping ability, along with extended life for rotors are among the reasons why sales of Akebono’s Pro-ACT®, EURO® and Performance® Ultra-Premium aftermarket brake pads continue to grow, according to Ken Selinger, director of aftermarket sales and marketing.
  • ACDelco Celebrating 100 Years

    GM Veteran Bob Sanford Shares Lessons Learned, Future Outlook 
    This year, ACDelco is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Like many notable brands in the aftermarket today, it all started with humble origins and a group of visionary entrepreneurs.

  • VDO: Authentic OEM
    In the automotive aftermarket product marketing often includes terms such as “OE replacement,” “OE quality” or “OE form and fit.” The literature usually uses these and other phrases to avoid saying that the part isn’t truly the same as the original-equipment part made for the vehicle manufacturer.
Undercar Digest serves automotive-repair facilities involved in undercar services that include brake, exhaust and chassis diagnostics and repairs. It also covers a variety of other repairs including drivability. In addition to shops, our readers include manufacturers, warehouse distributors and parts stores that serve them.

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