First impressions can be confusing when you pull into Hasty’s Service Inc. The six-bay service-station architecture is reminiscent of an era gone by. The old-fashioned image ends when motorists enter the small shop with a clean and comfortable customer-waiting area where they are usually greeted by Bob Hasty, current owner. Although, old-time personal attention is still part of the shop’s charm.

The shop has been owned by the Hasty family since the very beginning. Clarence Hasty started the Hi-Speed Gas station in downtown Toledo in 1932. Clarence was ready to move so he started saving money to buy land to build his own place and his son, Herb Hasty, would send money back home while serving in WWII to help ave for the new station. After Herb returned from duty and served as a deputy sheriff, he went to work with his father, Clarence, at the shop. In 1949, Clarence and Herb purchased the land on Dorr Street and built what is now the current location of Hasty’s Service. The first dollar was made on Dec. 9, 1949, and Bob still has that dollar bill, dated and initialed by his grandfather Clarence Hasty. Later on, all three of Herb’s sons, Bob, Bill and Jack, worked at Hasty’s Service with their father. Jack had worked part-time at the shop along with working at the fire department. He moved on to become the captain of the fire department. Herb passed away in 1983, and Bob and Bill carried on the business. Bob’s brother passed away in 2015. Bob continues the Hasty business as sole owner, the third generation.

Bob has worked at the shop since he was 12, at first sweeping the floors, mowing the grass and washing cars. He eventually became a technician and now runs the business. He literally worked from the ground up. Bob said, “I don’t do what I used to do as far as turning wrenches all day, but I enjoy coming in and seeing the team along with visiting with our customers.”

It’s the people

It truly is a family business. “My wife, both daughters and son-in-laws are all involved with the business,” Bob said. “We have a wide range of talents and skills that have mixed well together to make the business better. Working here is in our blood,” he said of his family. “We were born with 10W-30 – and maybe a little Rislone – in our blood!

“Having dedicated employees is key. Our shop manager, Jeff Strayer, has been with us for 38 years. He does an excellent job as lead technician, but he is also great at mentoring the other technicians. Jeff is an extremely dependable person who we all trust and can count on no matter what. Spence Carter) is another great technician who contributes a positive attitude and has an honest work ethic. I appreciate all of our employees and their dedication and hard work. Overall, we have a great crew.”

Bob’s marketing strategy focuses on fostering customer relationships that he develops and maintains for years. “We are now servicing the grandkids of some of our customers,” he said. “We recently received a 5-star review from a lady who has been a customer for 60 years! She was coming to Hasty’s before I was. [chuckle] We even have regulars come in each morning for what I call ‘The Coffee Shop.” ’ They grab a cup a coffee and chat for a few minutes before heading off to work. Bob said his dad, Herb Hasty, always taught him that when a car comes in, it becomes his car. “Don’t do anything to it that you wouldn’t do on your own car. That is a legacy that I like to carry on.”

The ultimate goal is to provide an excellent customer experience and to keep families or fleet vehicles running, Bob said. “Everyone has busy schedules and we get their car up and running quickly.”

Google reviews back up Bob’s beliefs. Hasty’s gets a 4.2 star rating out of 5 while Sure Critic reviews are 4.9 star rating out of 5.

“We strive to keep the old-fashioned customer service and offer current repair/maintenance services with modern equipment and options. I just bought a new nitrogen machine that keeps customers’ tires at a more consistent pressure than regular compressed air,” he said.

Customer James Fitchpatrick, who has been listening in on the interview, chirps up: “And I’m the first customer to have it for my car.” James has been a customer for six years and enjoys joking with Bob as his Cadillac is being serviced.

Another example is by simply texting. Bob noted that a customer required a new hood for his truck, and Bob found a used one for him that included an air dam. “I texted him a photo of it and got his approval,” Bob said. “Not only does that help get instant approval for jobs, but we can also let them know when their vehicle is ready to be picked up. It definitely adds to the positive customer experience.

Current issues

While Bob enjoys his job for the most part, the snowy winters and the city of Toledo’s decision to use brine (salt mixed with water) instead of salt and sand, makes it extra hard on his technicians, especially in the area of steering and suspension repairs, including the removal of control arms. Cars easily start rusting out in three or four years here.

Jeff Strayer, shop manager, said a repair that has a book rate of two hours normally takes three because of how bolts are rusted onto the components.
This leads to the issue of many potholes that are created from the brine. This past spring, the city of Toledo filled 41,265 potholes. Cars are constantly being serviced because of the rough roads.


It’s clear that Bob’s timeless business values are working for him.

“As life keeps getting busier, I think people are looking to go back to that old-fashioned customer service, something Hasty’s Service Inc. have never stopped providing.”