Technical Editor Ron Henningsen can be somewhat of a “picker” when he’s on the road and he struck gold in central Minnesota in June. But Ron won’t give a location any closer than that region other than saying it is within a 300-mile radius of Minneapolis.

As Ron tells it, he and a friend (he still has a few) were driving through the region when he received a call from yet another “friend” not far away who gave him directions to a 40-acre site full of brush – and much more. The following photos show some of what Ron found on this private “40-acre preserve” of rusting gold. There were about 40 vehicles total, plus an assortment of personally owned Model-A and Model-T Fords, along with several Model-T and Model-A Speedsters that the owner had in running order. Maybe next year there will be one or two of these now rusted vehicles rolling under their own power and featured in Magic Machines.

“Remember in the old days when cars that were really lowered were referred to as being in the weeds?” Ron concluded.