When thinking about tech sup-port for your shop, most will imag-ine using an experience-based diag-nostic system like Identifix, Sure Track and iATN. While these are worthy resources there is another support tool you should consider. You have a team of experts in your shop. Enable them to support one another. We suggest your team manage their diagnostic time in 15 minute intervals.

If in the first 15 minutes a technician doesn’t have clear direction with a problem, they should stop and call a Tech Support Huddle with teammates to listen to the challenge and test results and provide support for next steps or a new approach. You’ll be amazed when you see the team support themselves.
Another tip to expand your team’s knowledge base is to form relationships with students in training classes you attend. You’ll quickly learn who the experts are on various technologies so you can reach out to them for support. And likewise, you’ll be expected to sup-port your classmates as well!