OES vs. Aftermarket Mufflers

When replacing an exhaust system, most professional installers are looking for a direct-fit option with all the features and benefits of the original muffler. Original Equipment Style (OES) is what is preferred.  It allows you to keep the appearance and performance of the original muffler.

Professionals want a muffler that performs at the OE level, has the same shape and mounting points, and does not require modifications to hang. These mufflers have the equivalent chambers and baffles as an OEM so their performance would be ready to meet the challenges of many miles ahead.

Autopart International offers hundreds of direct-fit import mufflers plus all the necessary mounting hardware to easily swap out an OEM muffler for an OES style.  AI’s premium mufflers bolt onto the existing flanges, use the original size gaskets and hangers.  They are designed and perform like OEM offering an easier installation for the professional, provides the look and feel of an OEM all at a very competitive price.  To learn more about AI’s exhaust systems contact your local AI store for details.