When it comes to providing a great experience for our customers, most shop owners understand the basic needs to smile, have a great attitude, provide a clean environment with coffee and Wi-Fi and clean bathrooms. These are expected by today’s customers. The challenge for every shop is to create an experience that is memorable or different. An experience that the customer will tell their friends about.
Here’s one idea that has served me well in the few shops I’ve seen it: parking is usually an issue at every facility, so consider reserving the best parking spots – nearest the front door of your business – for the arrival of your customers. Stagger your appointment times so customers don’t arrive at the same time. Post signs in front of each parking spot that say “Reserved For _____” and a space below that you can post an individual customer’s name. When you arrive in the morning prepare simple signs with the names of that day’s customers and clip them to one of your Reserved-For parking signs. Tell your customers to look for their parking spot in front upon arrival. I guarantee they’ll be impressed.