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  • How's Your Profit Leverage?
    Business Editor Tom Langer discusses how it’s important to realize that there are “levers” you control regarding profitability. To make more money, improve and target marketing, increase customer service/satisfaction, improve throughput, improve your team, and increase capacity for work. To keep more of the money you make, there is only one answer, controlling expenses.
  • The Great Training Gulf is Costing You $$$$$

    A lot of articles about training tend to be fairly dry recitals about developing plans and issues with employees. When I was handed this assignment, I was determined to break the mold. So, in this article, although we will look at the employees, we’ll also be looking at your role in all of this. Please read on while I explain.

  • Employee Benefits 2019 – A REALLY Brave New World!
    What’s new in employee benefits for shops? Business Editor Tom Langer talks about the evolving scope and scale of employee benefits and incentives. Does your shop offer what it takes to attract and keep the types of employees you desire?
  • Are My Employees or Kids Using Drugs? What Next?
    Last month we took a look at how the use of drugs has spread across our country at an alarming rate. As you will recall, it makes no difference where you live. You might be located in a rural area, big city, an affluent neighborhood, whatever. The scourge that is drugs is attacking all levels of society, every income level and occupation.
  • A National Plague May Already be in Your Shop!
    Before we launch into our article for this month - in which I promise you will learn much - I would like to do something a little out of order. As many of you know, Jim Wilder, who edited this magazine, recently retired. I wanted to say just a few words to thank him for all he has meant to me.
  • Put More Money in YOUR Pocket this Year!
    Anyone who has been watching the stock markets, bond rates, yield curves and the rest is likely wondering a bit about how 2019 is likely to go economically. A couple of months ago we did discuss the year ahead of forecasts along with bits about making more money. 
  • Management Matters: Where & How You Work Can Affect Your Health
    You all asked for it! It started with what should have been a simple note. It was from a reader who wondered what impact the various chemicals in the shop had on a tech’s personal health. Having just completed an overview for a local newsletter regarding the value of organic vegetables and the impact of food chemicals one would think I would have been warned. But not me.
  • Buying Property for a New or Added Shop Without Tears!
    A real life story. In 1997 I considered the purchase of a commercial building to house my businesses. To make it doable, I was looking at a large building in partnership with another business owner who had a towing and RV business. It was a perfect match.
  • What’s an Ergonomic???

    Ergonomics: The study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. Oxford Dictionary

    Modern definition ergonomics: Fitting a job to the employee rather than the employee to the job.

  • Lose 200 Pounds Painlessly Without Dieting (said no one ever)
    This month was supposed to be a completely different subject in this column. But, as I often do, I looked through the questions coming my way, comments by shops, the most immediate need for all of the readers and more. So, I bailed on the original and am going to tackle a very tricky, often unpleasant and personal issue. Weight and exercise are on the docket this month.
  • Who, Me? High Performance & Collector Vehicles?
    Should you be working on collector and high-performance vehicles? Well, the answer is a qualified yes! Here’s why...
  • Management Matters - Hiring Without Tears (and Hopefully Lawsuits)!
    About 11% to 12% of smaller businesses face a discrimination lawsuit every year based on a limited number of reports. According to studies, some states are worse than others for the employers. But you must assume you are at risk. That alone should make a few minutes with this article valuable.
  • Management Matters: Caught You!
    According to the National Federation of Independent Business, some 30% of employees may well be stealing from you today. They go on to say this number increases if an employee is given the motive and opportunity. Using some data provided by the 2017 study by Hiscox, the dollars are not small. One employee could be stealing thousands right off your bottom line. In the next few minutes we’ll take a look at the issue, who tends to be responsible and strategies to deal with the problem.
  • Cut Costs for Greater Profits
    Last month we launched a short series on ideas to make 2018 the most profitable year ever for you and your shop. Today we focus on cutting costs. I will admit that some of these may come under the heading of “Duh.” However, if you are like me, being reminded once in a while and pausing to consider the idea may just open new profit avenues for you.
  • Management Matters: You and the Boxer! Profit & Loss
    Back in the day I fashioned myself as an amateur heavyweight boxer. Bad move. I was only training a couple of evenings a week and I was terrible! As long as I could get a guy to the ropes and hold him there I was OK. Running around the ring was not my strength.
  • Thinking Retirement: Management Matters
    Business Editor Tom Langer looks at retirement planning that you may not be familiar with.
  • Save Money & Understand Your GK and Liability Policies
    Business Editor Tom Langer explains why shops should review their garage-keepers and liability insurance.
  • Management Matters - Mentoring for Profits
    Unless you have an unending number of amazing technicians wandering in your shop looking for work, and who want to work for you, this article is very important to your future and that of our industry! It’s all about how you can improve your current talent pool while providing specific career paths, recruiting and growth opportunities for the techs in your shop. And, it is that group who will in great part determine your profitability, customer satisfaction, value of your shop some day when you want out and, simply, your stress and enjoyment levels.
  • A Peak into the Future of Auto Repair
    To this day I remember the headlines and photos in Mechanics Illustrated showing cars that rocketed throughout space from one space port to the next. Then there were the cars that would turn magically into airplanes or boats. Thanks to the Amphicar, at least one came to be!
    Go forward in time. I am in a high school class of an English teacher who was a science fiction fanatic. At the same time, I think he had a bit of concern that the world would one day be at the hands of tyrant leaders. We read books like 1984 by George Orwell, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and others. As one looks around today, seems too much of all this has come true!
  • How About Some Money for Your Business?
    Borrowing money is as American as apple pie, it seems. Nowhere is this truer than for our business needs. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the key terms, loan designs, borrowing options and more.
  • The Future of Health Insurance Legislation
    Part of this article has been on my computer for the past five months. Every time I sat in front of the computer something happened to derail the latest version of the health and insurance program proposed by President Trump and the House of Representatives. While I am no longer going to stake my future on the exact plan design, there are some basic provisions that seem to show up in every design discussed to date. And though the House bill just passed, its future in the Senate as it exists is likely troubled. The reason is that there are provisions that make some lawmakers nervous. So, that you might have a better idea of what seems to be evolving, we’ll take a few minutes and discuss what’s on the table as of this writing.
  • Lessons from Large Companies
    What does General Electric, Ford Motor Co., Westinghouse and Bosch have in common with us in our shops? They have exactly the same challenges and issues we do, only a lot more of them and likely many more years to learn.
  • More Money, More Time, High Productivity!
    Would you like a shop that makes more money, has more productive techs, with techs who are more committed than ever to the shop and their fellow techs? How about lowering your worker’s comp premium or just simply making your shop a better place to live and you and your employees happier? If any of this appeals to you, please take a few minutes and read on!
  • Marketing to Generations: Part Dieu – Boomers
    Last month we discussed marketing to millennials. As you recall, we found that millennials are a huge population segment that is moving to become our major source of business in short order. And, as you may remember, it was my conclusion that you ignore this group, and their different buying traits, at your own peril.
  • Marketing to Millennials IS Possible!
    “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers
    What great words to begin this article. Simply put, if you are not adapting to the huge “Echo Boomers” of people born between in the early 1980s and the early ’00s, you are at risk of being run over. Or possibly scarier is that you may be setting up your kids for disaster, which as a dad is something none of us wishes to contemplate.
  • Forecast ‘Trumped’ by the Election
    This 2017 forecast is being rewritten for the fourth time. All changed a number of Tuesdays ago with the elections. Not only President-Elect Trump, but what took place in the Congress and the various state capitols was not only a surprise for many, but also has an impact on next year’s economic and shop outlook.
  • Management Matters: Absolute or Preference? It's Your Choice
    Every year I try to wrap up by sharing research and information relative to helping our readers learn something that might make their next year better. Well, after talking with a therapist friend at length this year, I believe I’ve developed a great theme for this year’s article.
  • Management Matters: Already Feeling the Winter Doldrums?
    Here in the great state of Wisconsin, we already have snow and we’re changing oil in our snow blowers, checking the shovel inventory and buying the bags of salt. And, the winter race is on!
  • Management Matters: Too Small To Worry? Hardly!
    The attorney across the desk said we had three options when my grandfather died:
    1. Figure out how much money we owed for the shops, auto inventory and the rest in estate taxes and write a check. It wasn’t happening, there was not enough money.
  • Management Matters: Making Money On Performance

    This month we learn how to make money with high-performance services. After all, high-performance work is enjoyable as a rule, and we sure all like the vehicles. However, we can’t operate as charities for very long and keep our businesses afloat.

  • Management Matters: By The Book - To Share Numbers or Not
    Here’s the question: Does sharing profit-and-loss numbers with employees improve profitability and profits in a shop? This issue, which might seem simple on the surface, unearthed an absolute hornet’s nest of opinions ranging all over the board. People were adamant about their positions.
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