With the average tax refund expected to be nearly $3,000, your customers might be thinking about splurging on something special. However, being practical with some of their refund might be a better choice.

A new video from the Car Care Council explains how spending a portion of a tax refund on preventative vehicle maintenance can pay long-term dividends.

"Car owners can actually save more money in auto repairs in the long run by routinely spending small amounts on preventative maintenance, including a thorough annual vehicle inspection," said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council." Following the recommended maintenance schedule in your owner's manual is like insurance. By spending a small amount on auto care more regularly, you protect yourself from larger expenses later on."

With proper care, the typical vehicle should deliver at least 200,000 miles of safe, dependable performance. The most common routine maintenance procedures and repairs include checking the oil, filters and fluids, belts and hoses, brakes, tires and the HVAC system. The non-profit Car Care Council also recommends an annual tune-up and wheel alignment.

"Routine car care will also help keep your vehicle running dependably and improve its fuel economy, so you can avoid unexpected car trouble and save more money at the pump," concluded White.

Produced in conjunction with AutoNetTV Media (ANTV), the Car Care Council's new video can be viewed at https://youtu.be/ZJUWahuxsSMand is also available in the ANTV digital management system for use by repair shops to share with their customers.