April was Distracted Driving Awareness Month and finder.com has just released its second annual Safe Driving Report for 2019, which found an estimated 204.4 million American adults admit to driving while distracted in the past year.

The report found our most dangerous driving habits include talking on the phone, speeding and texting, and who the most likely culprits are for dangerous driving behaviors.

Alarmingly, an estimated 92 million Americans (over 40%) admit to talking on the phone while driving, while nearly 62.2 million people (27.6%) admit to speeding while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, the report found an increase of Americans driving under the influence, up to 10.9 Americans (4.8%) compared to last year’s 6.9 million (2.9%).

The full report can be found at: https://www.finder.com/road-safety-statistics.

Men are more likely to concentrate on their driving than women, with 24.1% of saying they don’t get distracted behind the wheel compared to 19.4% of women. However, men are more likely to talk on the phone than women, with 20.7% of men admitting this compared to 20.2% of women. Men are also more likely to drive under the influence (3.8% vs. 1.1%), speed (14.6% vs. 13%) or drive while fatigued (9.9% vs. 8.8%).

In regard to generational driving habits, millennials are the most likely generation to get distracted behind the wheel, with only 33.2% of millennial drivers saying that they concentrate while driving. This is compared to 42.44% of Gen Xers and 51.6% of baby boomers.

Those who are married or in a domestic relationship are more likely to talk on the phone while driving, with 44.28% admitting to doing so. This is compared to those who are single, with 50% saying they always concentrate on the road.