Former US Congressman and House Majority Leader, Richard Gephardt has taken on a role as an advisor to Fisker Inc. – advising on vehicle manufacturing site selection in the United States and innovative labor contracts.

Fisker Inc. is planning to launch a range of electric vehicles engineered to be affordable, futuristic and segment leaders. Fisker Inc., is also developing several new technologies for its future EV’s including next-generation Fisker Solid-State Battery technology.

Gephardt, a former member of the board at Ford Motor Company, has been working with Fisker over the past five months as a key consultant as Fisker readies itself for some significant industry announcements – advising on U.S. state manufacturing partners, labor contracts and best practices with innovative compensation plans.

“The global automotive industry is entering a disruptive era with electrification and consumer preferences shifting towards sustainable mobility,” according to Henrik Fisker, chairman and CEO of Fisker Inc. “The next big revolution in the car industry will be marked by affordable and reliable electric vehicles, meeting new consumer tastes. We are currently developing our first affordable vehicles, at close to $40,000. Fisker’s range of affordable vehicles will ultimately exceed yearly volumes of 250,000 units.”

Fisker Inc. was founded with the intention of creating state-of-the-art electric vehicles and technologies to help create a sustainable world and reduce our carbon footprint. California-based Fisker Inc. is revolutionizing the automotive industry by developing the most emotionally-desirable electric vehicles complemented with large battery capacity and innovative technologies. As a leading force in influencing mass market electrification across the globe, the company’s scientific breakthroughs include the patent-pending Fisker Solid-State Battery technology – ushering in a new era in fast charging, safety, range and costs of less than $100 per kWh.