Complete brake service is something that literally books of 200-300 pages have been written about and is something that you could study and analyze for months on end. This issue of Photo Tech will address some of the more common issues why they are occurring, why the work is sometimes shortcut and what you can do to provide complete brake service of the quality that is necessary out in the field.

Let’s face it, brake jobs are very profitable but too many shops cut corners to compete with the guy down the road offering $69.95 brake jobs that might not even be fit for a 1962 Chevy Biscayne.

Ethics, flat rate and technicians being in a hurry to get the job done as quickly as possible create situations in which the detail to the premium work that should be done on brake systems is sometimes overlooked. Getting the job done fast is not necessarily getting the job done correctly. The flat-rate system at one time had its place in the industry but some industry leaders now question the need for it or whether it’s the best thing for getting quality work done. Teamwork projects and the amount of total revenue generated by a team are modern ways of encouraging automotive-technician professionalism and assuring that many of the items addressed in this issue of Photo Tech are either performed at the highest level of expertise possible.