If you have the latest and greatest, most modern alignment equipment out there, your job of getting a straight steering wheel is relatively easy and almost 100% assured unless you fail to follow the operating instructions on the equipment. This is great but you still must have an understanding of what to do when you don’t have equipment that does the thinking for you. The following images will show some old school and new school mixed together that will enable you to get a straight steering wheel on virtually every vehicle you align. It should be noted that a new set of tires had recently been put on this vehicle and toe was adjusted. Three hundred miles later, the vehicle hit a deep pothole and the side of the tire between the pothole and the wheel was cut. The tire was replaced.

Setting toe is quick and easy and an adjustment that’s done many times a day, but invest a few minutes and don’t just slam, bam and thank-you to get the car out the door as quickly as possible. A steering wheel that’s not straight is very irritating, but even more irritating is a steering wheel that’s different from what it was before. You may have a steering wheel that was off center, but you may also have a customer who is so used to it that he considers it normal. He may be dissatisfied when you correct the problem. Communication is as important when setting toe as doing the actual work.